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Thinking About Applying For A Rental Property? Here's The Process

If you're thinking about applying for one of our rental properties at Chesapeake Property Management, let's go over the process.

1.  Complete the Chesapeake Property Management Rental Application First

We have every prospective tenant complete the application before we show them homes.

Yes, you read that correctly, i.e., we have our tenants go through the rental application process before we show them homes.  

Why do we do this? Just like when you buy a home, you speak to a lender before you go shopping for your new home, we want our tenants to be qualified and approved before they go shopping for a rental home.  This not only protects you emotionally from falling in love with a home that you cannot afford or get approved for, but it also protects the occupants of the home (whether they are the owner or other tenants) and it also protects our agents.

Our rental homes are usually occupied, they are not model homes.  So we want to minimize the inconvenience to the occupants and keep them safe.  By qualifying all applicants before we take them in, we protect the occupants and look out for the safety of our agents.  It is a crazy world out there and we need to know who everyone is.

2.  But I Don't Want To Pay For A Rental Application Until I Know That I Want To Rent a Home!

So most applicants say..."But I don't want to spend money on a credit report or have my credit pulled until I know that I like the home!"  

Yes, I understand.  We post many pictures and videos online, encourage you to drive around the neighborhood and encourage you to pull your own credit before you apply with us.  Call us and we can provide you with lots of information about the credit requirements and the details of each home.  Each home is individually owned so credit requirements may vary, pet restrictions vary, homeowner associations and condo rules vary. By knowing your particular situation, we can tell you which homes will work for you before we take you in. 

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3.  The Advantages To Getting Approved First.  

  • First of all, you will be a knowledgeable applicant.  You will know your credit scores and your gaps so that you can correct errors, if necessary.  There are so many errors on credit reports today.  It can be quite upsetting and time consuming.  Let's get this all cleaned up before you fall in love with a home because sometimes this clean up takes months, requiring you to put off your move until you get this resolved.
  • Second, once you are approved with us for one property, you are approved for all of our properties and you go to the top of the tenant list.  perhaps you go into the home that you thought you wanted and you hate it. That is ok.  Look at our other homes.  Does anything else work for you?  Once you are approved, you go to the top of our list for all of our homes so we can just submit your application to a different landlord.  No problem. We know what our landlords want in terms of qualifications, we know your situation and we can easily match you to the homes that will work for you.
  • Third, if you get rejected, you know what you have to work on.  Knowing your credit and the reasons for the rejection can really help you plan your move in the future.  This is disappointing, I know, but you can put a plan in place to help you move later.

4.  What Delays A Rental Application?  Incomplete Information. 

Please...complete the entire rental application including the asset section; provide us with pay stubs and proof of income and provide us with payment for the application fee.  

We provide detailed instructions on the front page of the application. Please read it and take your time.  And call us if you have questions. The number one reason that applications are delayed is because someone did not pay attention to the instructions.

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5.  Be Ready To Talk To Us And Answer Our Questions.  

If we have questions about your application, we will call you.  The more you help us understand the gaps, the quicker the process will go.  Please don't yell at us.  We are just doing our job.  Yes, I know that we are more detailed than probably any other rental company you have spoken with.  But that is because we care.  We care about you, we care about the landlords, we care about the homes that we manage, and we care about the communities. By understanding everyone's situation and needs now, we can avoid a lot of problems later.  Our goal is to have as pleasant a rental experience as possible.  So work with us so that we can present a complete application to the landlord.

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6.  Once Approved, Get Ready To View Our Rental Homes Quickly.

Our rental properties move fast.  They are in great shape and our owners have been educated on their responsibilities so they usually rent fairly quickly.  Call your agent or work with one of our team members so that you can make a decision quickly.  Sorry for the fast pace - it is just the time of year and the market.

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7.  Once You Make A Decision On A Home, Complete The Lease And The Remaining Steps Quickly And Completely.

We cannot take a home off of the rental market until we have a signed lease, security deposit and first month's rent.  Get these items to us quickly and in the right format as quickly as possible.  Otherwise, you may lose the home to another applicant.  

In addition, you will need tenant insurance and may have to complete some homeowner's and condo association paperwork.  Get ready to work with Kristin Karukas, our office manager, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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8.  Be calm.  

Yes, we ask for a lot up front but, once you are in one of our homes, I promise that it will be a great experience.  The high level of detail that we expect from you we also expect from our landlords and from ourselves.  Our properties are the best in the area and everyone in the transaction deserves the best.

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9.   Have fun and get ready to enjoy your new home!  Welcome to Chesapeake Property Management, Inc.

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