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Chesapeake Property Management: Managing Relationships, Not Just Properties

At Chesapeake Property Management, we manage people and relationships as well as properties. We know other property management companies may take any offer to manage a property. Property management is not a licensed industry, so often you may see a company work with all kinds of properties, in all price ranges, and in all locations. We aren’t like that. We pride ourselves on being more selective because we focus on the properties and the areas that we know best. We take the time up front to not only understand your personal situation, but also all of the relationships that will be involved during the duration of your time working with us.

Landlord and Property Manager

We want to understand your needs and concerns as a landlord. This is why I take time up front to personally speak with every prospective landlord that may be interested in working with our company. It is the best way to make sure we are a good fit and that we are all on the same page. 

Landlord and Tenant

Hiring a property management company is the perfect way to ensure this particular relationship goes smoothly. Is your tenant having a maintenance issue? We’re here to help solve the issue quickly and in the most cost-effective way for you as the property owner. We have the experience and the knowledge to ensure positive experiences for both parties. We are the liaison between you, the landlord, and the tenant.

Tenant and Your Neighbors

The relationship between your tenant and your neighbors is a relationship that is very important, especially because we manage individually owned homes. There is a difference between renting an apartment vs an individually owned home and sometimes tenants are not aware of the differences! This is why tenant education is super important. We talk to them about things like parking and landscaping responsibilities on a regular basis. The homes we manage are in owner-occupied neighborhoods, and we want our tenants to understand their responsibilities when it comes to maintenance. Their neighbors have invested money and pride in keeping the community in excellent condition so they should take pride in taking care of the property as well.

Tenant and HOA

There is often a relationship between a tenant and an HOA as well. Our landlords don’t want to be fined because of something a tenant does to violate the rules. This is where tenant education comes into play again. We are aware of HOA rules and make sure tenants know them as well. This keeps you, the HOA, your neighbors, and the tenant happy! 

As you can see that’s why we take time up front to make sure these relationships are managed as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions about property management or you’d like to hear more landlord tips, please contact us at Chesapeake Property Management.

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