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Our Story – Chesapeake Property Management in Anne Arundel County

Many people looking for property management services often ask us how we came to be at Chesapeake Property Management. Today, we are sharing our story or at least the short version of it.

Early Days in Real Estate

We owned two Century 21 franchises - one in Owings Mills and the other in the Piney Village shopping center in Odenton. We were very successful in helping people buy and sell homes but never really thought about property management.

Changing Client Needs

We only thought about property management once our clients started to ask us for property management recommendations. Many were moving out of the area and decided that there were better options than just selling their properties. Some could not afford to sell financially, while several others were in the military, getting deployed, and thinking they might one day come back to their home. They were searching for a property manager who could meet their needs.

Exploring the Property Management Market

Our team looked for property management companies and property managers we could refer to our client base. After speaking with many and attending multiple NARPM conferences, we did not feel comfortable recommending anyone operating in our local marketplace. As a result, we started providing property management services in-house to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal was to provide a quality property management service that matched the real estate services we had provided for years.

How Our Company is Different

The landlords at other property management companies are often investors who never occupied their rented homes. They had a different relationship with the home compared to our clients. Our clients occupy their beloved homes, care about their neighbors and community, and want things done correctly and professionally.

Most of our clients are first-time landlords, not professional investors. It may be the only property they ever rent out, and like new parents, they are scared, nervous, and risk-averse. We wanted to provide them with a property management company that gave them the time, nurturing, and care they needed to get through the process with peace of mind. This helps them to move on to the next phase of their lives.

While this is the short version of our story, it shows how our philosophy differs slightly from the other competitors in the marketplace. If you want to discuss why we are here and how we work, please contact us at Chesapeake Property Management.

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