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Relocating from Fort Meade? 5 Tips for Renting Your Home When Active in the Military

Suppose you are an active duty military member or part of the Department of Defense and receive orders for another part of the country or the world. In that case, you need to consider a few specific things when choosing a property manager. Situations like this are unique, and you need an experienced team that is prepared to help you.

1. Consider Reputation

Choose a property management company with an excellent reputation. Since you will be out of the area and perhaps out of the country, you will be out of touch. This means you need a top-notch property manager. Check Google reviews, talk to references, and ask lots of questions before you sign a management agreement.

2. Hire a Dedicated Manager

Choose a dedicated property management company, not a real estate agent. Most military landlords, in particular, are not native Marylanders. Their first impulse may be to call their real estate agent for a referral or hire that real estate agent to manage the property. This is not something we recommend doing. Having an experienced property management team handle your property in your absence would be best. Your real estate agent will be dedicated to sales, not property management.

3. Look for an Online Portal

Choose a property management company with an excellent online portal. Being in a different time zone, you may have spotty Internet or limited phone access. When you log on, ensure you understand what is going on with your property. Everything should be updated regularly, and you should have access to copies of invoices, photos, videos, and systems. This way, you know what is happening at all times.

4. Find a Property Management Team

Hire a property management team and not an individual. Your time is valuable, and when you finally get on the phone, you want your questions answered quickly and efficiently, even if your dedicated property manager is out of the office. You need to ensure the team can help you as soon as possible.

5. Keep Expectations High

Hire a property manager with the flexibility to meet and exceed your expectations. Every landlord is unique, especially those in the military or with the Department of Defense. You must voice your concerns and worries beforehand to ensure the company gives you what you need. You deserve to have peace of mind regardless of your location.

We would love the opportunity to help you. If you have questions about what to do once you get your orders, please contact us at Chesapeake Property Management.

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