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9 Reasons To Rent a Chesapeake Property Management Home in Baltimore

Looking to rent a Baltimore home? Here are 9 reasons to rent a Chesapeake Property Management home.

9 Reasons to Rent a Home in Baltimore From Chesapeake Property Management 

1.  We genuinely care about you, the tenant.

We are thrilled that you contacted us and we want to make your move to Baltimore as smooth as possible.  Most property management companies, if you check their reviews, get low marks from tenants.  Why is this?  Because these companies take an adversarial approach to their business, i.e., win/lose.  

We believe in win/win because we know that a happy tenant is a paying tenant and a paying tenant makes for a happy landlord. We care about you and your experience in our homes. So we want to get to know you and your real estate needs and we will do our best to make your stay in Baltimore with us as pleasant as possible. 

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2.  We hold our landlords and our properties to a high standard.

We do not take on every landlord that contacts us. We want only the best properties and the best landlords.  We do not cut any corners and we want landlords who understand our philosophy.

Landlords looking for the cheapest property manager and  looking to take advantage of tenants, they can go elsewhere.  We hold our landlords to the terms of the lease so that you have a positive experience in our homes. 

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3.  We hold ourselves to an even higher standard.

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences but we all agree on one thing - treat people correctly.  Our core values are honesty, authenticity and transparency.  We are people helping people and all chose to work at Chesapeake Property Management so that we could raise the property management bar.  You deserve the best and we value your feedback every day. 

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4.  We have great Google reviews.

We are proud of our Google reviews.  Reviews and feedback keep us honest and "on our toes."  Our reviews should give you comfort as you make your move but know that we strive for continuous improvement every day. 

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5.  We have been in business a long time and are native Baltimoreans.

We have been in the real estate business for over 20 years and in property management for over 17 years.  Wow - that is a lot of families served and homes managed over the years. We have learned a lot and try to implement all of these lessons into our interactions and systems so that we never repeat the same mistake twice.  Our longevity should give you "peace of mind" in knowing that we are not going anywhere. You can count on us for years to come.

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6.  We have a great team.

Our team is amazing.  I feel lucky every day to work with such honest, genuine individuals. Each team member truly cares about your experience and strives to give you their best every day.  

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7.  Property management focused on what we know. We are not all things to all people.

We manage homes in Baltimore County, Harford County, Howard County and Anne Arundel County. We do not manage apartments, multi-family or associations.

We strive for excellence and, therefore, stick to jurisdictions and properties where we understand the laws, know the HOA rules and generally, are experts on that particular community and location.  If we can't do an excellent job, we don't take on the business.

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8.  We take a holistic view.

We care about you as a person, not just as a tenant.  Are you looking for a job?  Do you need help with daycare, doctors and getting settled in the area?  Do you want to buy a home in the future and want to increase your credit score?  

We want you to love Baltimore and we want to be your "go to" company for all of your real estate needs. Let us get to know you and see how we can help you get settled. 

9.  We can help you transition into buying.

Many of our tenants are looking to buy in the near future and our sister company, Yaffe Real Estate, can help you transition from renting to buying.  Whatever your real estate needs, we can help.  

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Welcome to Baltimore! Enjoy our city!

We love our city and want you to love it too. We hope you'll enjoy living in your new rental home in Baltimore!  

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