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Who Can You Trust in Property Management?

Not sure who to trust to manage your rental property? Frustrated by the lack of professionalism in the property management business? Wondering how to choose among property management companies? Spoken to a few companies and feeling uninspired and more uncomfortable than when you had started?  

You'll Find a Wide Range of Professionalism in Property Management

If so, we understand. The property management industry is not regulated and there is such a wide range of professionalism that it can be frustrating, overwhelming and downright scary. That's what got us started in the business 17 years ago (see How Chesapeake Property Management Came To Be). 

It's also confusing. That's why we wrote Before You Hire a Property Management Company Ask 17 Questions!

Our Mission: Provide you with Peace-of-Mind that your rental property is in sound, capable, trustworthy hands so that you can move on with your life.

Our core values at Chesapeake Property Management are honesty, transparency, professionalism and trust.  We know how scary it is to trust your rental property and your bank account to a 3rd party.  Our mission is to build that trust so that you can move on with your life and know that your rental property is in sound, capable, trustworthy hands.  

How do we build trust?  By speaking with you about your situation and seeing if and how we can help you.  We are not a "one size fits all" company.  We are not for everyone.  

Do you want the cheapest company in town?  We are not your answer.  

Do you want to cut corners by hiring unlicensed contractors or not following the rules/laws in your area?  Nope, not us.  

Do you live in an area or have a type of home that we do not serve?  We will refer you to someone better suited to your needs.  

High Standards for Rental Properties, Landlords and Tenants and for Ourselves

We know what we are good at and what we aren't.  We want the best properties, the best landlords and the best tenants.  And the way we do that is by setting high standards for ourselves and our customers and saying "no" on a regular basis to those properties and customers that we feel we cannot serve in an excellent way.  

We take a holistic view of your real estate needs.  Some conversations we have on a daily basis include:

1.  Should I rent out my home or should I sell it?  What are the risks?  What, if any, will be my cash flow and the tax advantages and disadvantages?

2. I am not making enough money from my current salary to support the lifestyle that I want.  Can you help my buy my first investment property correctly so that I get some cash flow in the future? Do you think this is a good idea?

3.  My tenant wants to renew my lease.  Can you help me with this for a flat fee?

4.  My tenant wants to buy my home.  Can you help me with the paperwork and help my tenant/buyer get to the closing table.

5.  I am impressed with your Google reviews and I know my property is outside your market area in the Baltimore Maryland Metro Area. Can you help me or recommend someone who can help me? ?

6.  I am terrified of the tenant trashing my home and/or not paying the rent. I have heard leasing horror stories. Can you walk me through your systems and give me some peace of mind?

7.  Other property management companies are cheaper.  Can you reduce your fees?  What is the difference between Chesapeake Property Management and others?


Check out our properties, our average price, our locations.  Check out our Google reviews.  Talk to us directly.  Let's see how we can help.

If you want honest, professional, transparent service that you can trust so that you can move on with your life, Chesapeake Property Management is here for you.  

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