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How To Get Your Security Deposit Back At Move Out

Are you about to become a tenant, and wondering how to make the move out  as smooth as possible when the time comes? Here's our advice on how to move out of a rental property so you get your security deposit back. 

The move out of a rental property is always a difficult situation.  

The landlords want the home to be perfect, to  be exactly the same as when they left it at the beginning of the lease term while the tenants don't want to be held responsible for anything.

The landlords want to keep the entire security deposit. The tenants want their entire deposit back.  

So who decides? We do. And it is often a tough spot to be in. We don't side with either party. We go by the words in the lease and Maryland law.  Without the law, we go on precedent.

Here is perspective and advice on how to make the move out as smooth as possibly so that you get your security deposit back.

1. Follow the exact terms of your lease. Read the lease and all addenda.

Chesapeake Property Management leases require that the tenant have the home professionally cleaned and all of the carpets professionally steam cleaned by our vendors with receipts provided.

Don't do it yourself and don't find the cheapest vendor in town. If you use our vendors and do it right the first time, you will get your money back. If you pay a vendor that does a poor job, we will just hire our vendors to do a "do over" and there will be a surcharge. So just follow the exact words of the lease and you will be fine. Feel free to call your property manager for clarification.
2.  Read your "Wear and Tear" clause to make sure you put your home back in the same condition that you received it but for normal "wear and tear."
Be objective when walking through your home. Was that hole in the wall there at move in? How about that stain on the rug? If you are unsure, refer to your move in checklist and/or call your property manager. We are definitely not looking to withhold money back from security deposits unnecessarily. We just need to be fair and reasonable to both parties. So, if you are unsure, give us a call and we can review your move in checklist with you so that you make an objective comparison.
3. Give the proper notice.
Make sure you read your notice provision exactly and give the proper notice. Our leases do vary depending on when they were drafted so please review carefully. Look on the first page of your lease and on the Chesapeake Property Management Addendum for clarification.

4.  Work with your property manager.

Our philosophy is win/win and we want to help all parties move forward as amicably as possible. We are not out to get you. So call us if you have any questions or concerns.

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I hope this helps clarify the situation. Being a landlord is difficult and, since most of our landlords are reluctant landlords, they are emotionally attached to their home.  Any change in condition is hard for them. By hiring a professional property management company like Chesapeake Property Management, we take all of the emotion out of these decisions and use our best professional discretion to objectively uphold the lease and the laws in Maryland.  

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