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How We Protect Your Anne Arundel County Property: Part 4 How We Handle Repairs

System - Thursday, April 19, 2018

When choosing a property management company in the Anne Arundel County area, most landlords want to know how the repairs in their rental property are being handled. At Chesapeake Property Management, we have a system in place that ensures that repairs are done correctly, are fairly priced, and handled quickly. We know that by using this system we can save our landlords money and protect the value of their home. 

How Maintenance Items are Submitted

Prior to the lease beginning, during the New Tenant Walk Through Orientation, our property managers explain to tenants how to submit maintenance requests through the 24 hour online tenant portal. Once a request is submitted and received, we contact the tenant to get more information regarding the repair. We call and ask questions to help troubleshoot the issue, as we have found that many items can be addressed with basic quick fixes. For example, we may ask tenants to check that the power is on, coach them on how to reset a GFI on an outlet, or ask them to use a zip-it tool to unclog a drain full of hair. Renting an individually owned home is different than renting an apartment and some tenants may not be aware of the differences. That is why we take the time to educate them on how to address and troubleshoot certain minor maintenance items.

Why Troubleshooting is Important

By taking the time to get more information from the tenant, we can determine if hiring a vendor is truly necessary. If we determine the repair can’t be fixed by us trouble shooting with the tenant, then the repair is escalated to a licensed and insured professional to diagnose and complete the repair. By asking the tenant questions upfront and coaching them, we can minimize the cost of repairs. 

Why We Work With Outside Contractors

Instead of hiring staff in house to handle all maintenance items, we choose to work with contractors that have many years of experience in their field and that are knowledgeable and trustworthy. We know using reputable licensed vendors will not always be the cheapest option. But by using these vendors, we expect all repairs to be done correctly the first time, and at a fair and competitive price. We pride ourselves on not marking up invoices and making sure that we are hiring the correct vendor for the job. By using outside contractors we can compare prices for repairs, if necessary, to ensure that our landlords are getting the best vendor for the job and at a fair price.  

Chesapeake Property Management strives to coordinate repairs quickly and efficiently with vendors that we know like and trust, ensuring the property continues to be well cared for. We are able to use our experience and knowledge to help save our landlords money on maintenance items in their property! 

For more information on the systems we have in place to protect your home please contact us!

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