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How We Protect your Anne Arundel County Rental Property: Part 2 New Tenant Walkthrough Orientation

Linda Yaffe - Friday, March 23, 2018

Most landlords are concerned that their tenants won’t take care of their property during the lease term. That’s why at Chesapeake Property Management, we take time up front to educate the tenants during our New Tenant Walkthrough Orientation prior to the lease beginning.

This initial walk through with the tenant is an essential part of preserving the home, minimizing expenses, and tenant accountability.

General Home Maintenance Education

During the orientation, our property managers walk through the property with the tenant, and explain and demonstrate the regular maintenance items for the property. This includes changing the HVAC filters, how to turn off the main water and hose bib shut off valves, and any other maintenance items specific to that property. Not every tenant has lived in an individually owned home before and may have never had to handle these items themselves.

How Tenant Education Saves Landlords Money

The time spent with the tenant during the 30-60 minute orientation saves on future repairs. The tenants are equipped with knowledge of the property and basic emergency procedures. For example, in case of a leak, the tenants know to turn the water off immediately. This can minimize damage and expenses for repairs. The walkthrough also makes the tenants aware of how to maintain important systems in the home, like the HVAC system, to prevent future issues. 

Tenant Accountability

The New Tenant Orientation is also vital to developing trust between the tenant and 
the property manager. They know they are responsible for reporting maintenance
items and they have confidence that we will handle the items quickly and efficiently. When the tenants trust us to respond in a timely and appropriate manner, they are more likely to reach out to us with questions and concerns. Versus hiding any issues in fear of retribution. 

The New Tenant Orientation is one of the systems Chesapeake Property Management implements to manage each home as if it were our own. The orientation helps us establish the high standard that we expect from our tenants upfront. 

If you would like to learn more about the other systems we have in place to protect and preserve your rental property, please contact us.

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