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George Peabody Library

System - Sunday, December 16, 2018

Named one of the world’s most beautiful libraries, the George Peabody Library, located in Mount Vernon, has been on my list of iconic Baltimore places to visit for quiet some time. With my afternoon open, I decided to take the short drive over into Mount Vernon to take a look inside

Blog Image 1Outside of the library, guests can brush up on their Baltimore history in the small exhibit just in front of the library doors. 

I first entered into the Peabody Institute building and made my way through a set of double doors leading to the foyer. Right outside of the library doors there was an exhibit featuring a geographical history of Baltimore city depicted through old maps and newspaper articles displayed on the surrounding walls. After spending some time in the exhibit I decided to venture into the library.

Blog Image 2

Built in 1878, the library was originally part of America’s first music conservatory. It is now a popular venue for weddings and special events. 

The library doors were propped open and I could see the soft golden light inviting me in to take a look. I stepped onto the patterned marble floor as my gaze moved upward. There were five tiers of iron balconies filled with shelves of books leading up to a ginormous skylight. The sight was like something out of a movie.

Blog Image 3

I moved across the floor and spotted few visitors sitting at tables reading and working quietly. There was even a photographer and his model taking advantage of this beautiful place as a backdrop for a photoshoot.

Blog Image 4

The library is home to a large collection of 19th century literature including topics such as: religion, British art, topography, history, travel and much more.

The upper levels of the library were not accessible to the public, so I walked through the main level and perused the rows of aged and worn books. As I stopped at the entrance for one last look, I noticed a few other visitors that had filtered in to admire the library and it’s beautiful architecture. There is no doubt this is another hidden gem of Baltimore.

Blog Image 5

To learn more or to plan your visit, visit their website at

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